Peerless Sword God
Peerless Sword God

Peerless Sword God Bahasa Indonesia

Kiếm Thần Tuyệt Thế, 绝世剑神
Genres: , , , , Status: Ongoing Released: N/A Author: 大衍五十 Type: Manhua Serialization: N/A Posted On: Updated On:

Being introduced to the Celestial Continent where martial artists are respected! The strong can travel around the world, power to shake mountains and rivers, overturning the sky, and bring chaos with a turn of a hand! Lin Chen, a young practitioner of martial arts in China, unexpectedly came to this world through a mysterious little cauldron and became an outside disciple of the Heavenly Sect in Yu Nan District. The sea was wide, and the birds were flying! Let’s see how Lin Chen move his way to the top step by step in this foreign world, reach the 9 heavens, solving thousands of disasters, and finally becoming a peerless sword god!

Rating 3.5
Diikuti 146 orang
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