The Promised Neverland Bahasa Indonesia

The Promised Neverland, Обещанный Неверленд, Якусоку но Нэба:рандо, نيفيرلاند الموعودة, 約束のネバーランド, 约定的梦幻岛, 약속의 네버랜드
Genres: , , , , , , , Status: Ongoing Released: 2016 Author: SHIRAI Kaiu Type: Manga Serialization: Shounen Jump + (Shueisha)Shuukan Shounen Jump (Shueisha) Posted On: Updated On:

At Grace Field House, life couldn't be better for the orphans! Though they have no parents, together with the other kids and a kind "Mama" who cares for them, they form one big, happy family. No child is ever overlooked, especially since they are all adopted by the age of 12. Their daily lives involve rigorous tests, but afterwards, they are allowed to play outside.

There is only one rule they must obey: do not leave the orphanage. But one day, two top-scoring orphans, Emma and Norman, venture past the gate and unearth the horrifying reality behind their entire existence: they are all lives…

Rating 8.3
Diikuti 256 orang
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Chapter The Promised Neverland